Nick Gutersohn, trombone, M.K., Marco Käppeli, drums, Jan Schlegel, el. bass

with Nick Gutersohn, trb, Jan Schlegel, e-b. and Marco Käppeli, dr

I have a long musical friendship with Nick Gutersohn, which goes back to our music studies. In 2003 we played in an electronic-acoustic duo (Cave Bonfils ) and after some time we increasingly felt the need to replace the pre-programmed beats and sounds with live bass and drums. In addition, I had been thinking for some time about adapting piano music of the 20th century and placing it in a band context.

This led to the founding of the band idée manu in 2004. Through numerous concerts with Jan Schlegel and Marco Käppeli we have evolved into a band whose musicality and openness I really appreciate. Together with Jan Schlegel and Marco Käppeli and in numerous concerts we have grown to a band whose musicality and openness I really appreciate. With great playfulness we combine intricate grooves, free play, original compositions and compositions of the last century to create our unique music.


idée manu, OKTOPUS, the music of Boris Blacher

  1. Oktopus (Prélude 15, B. Blacher, arr M. Keller)

  2. Carcharodon (Prélude 11, B Blacher, arr. M. Keller)

  3. Tentakel (M. Keller, insp. by Ornament 7.B. Blacher)

  4. Prélude  3 (Original B. Blacher, Piano Solo)

  5. Zitteraal (Prélude 7, B. Blacher arr. M. Keller)

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2010: First CD Water Chute (UNIT Records)

In addition to mostly original pieces, this CD also contained arrangements of compositions by Erik Saties and Olivier Messians.

  1. Danse De La Fureur (O. Messiaen / M. Keller)

  2. Fertig Luschtig (M. Keller)

  3. Le Water-Chute (E. Satie / M. Keller)

  4. Leichtfuss-Plattfuss (M. Keller)