Fascinated by the piano playing of my older sister, I wanted to learn this instrument and received my first piano lessons at the age of nine. Ever since I have had an affinity with the piano.

After studying classical piano at the Zurich Conservatory of Music (now ZHdK) with Carl Rütti and Erna Ronca I spent a year in New York and attended the New School (Jazz piano, arranging). After my return to Switzerland, I worked intensively with electronic music  for several years (Max MSP, readings with music, film and theatre music).

In 2000 I spent another year in the USA (Berkeley, CA, composition lessons with W. A. Mathieu, workshops with Fred Frith and others).I also became increasingly interested in improvised music. Especially the two pianists Claudia Binder and Gabriela Friedli inspired me. This cooperation has given rise to the Tastressen.

As a freelance musician, I have continuously been involved in various musical projects over the years. My two main projects in the last ten years were and still are Blaubart (with Chis Wirth and Christian Strässle) and idée manu (with Nick Gutersohn, Jan Schegel and Marco Käppeli). In both I have been  working  on combining jazz, classical music of the 20th century and free improvised music (all of which are part of my musical biography) to find my own musical language.

I have also collaborated on individual projects with the following musicians: Karin Ernst, Silvan Jeger, Achim Kaufmann, Sara Maurer, Magda Mayas, Elina Müller-Meyer, Jerry Rojas, Brigitte Schär, Sebastian Strinning, Priska Walls, Chris Wiesendanger, Barb Wagner, Barbara Wehrli, Susann Wehrli, Isa Wiss, Philip Zoubek...

For many years I have been teaching a piano class at MKZ (Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich). Due to my interest in subject specific and pedagogical topics,  I take over mentoring for piano students and  – toghether with my collegue Andi Szalatnay – work as  head of the piano department at MKZ.